Meet the CARDiologist

Effective Business Greetings is the brainchild of Randy Rosler, otherwise known as the Chief CARDiologist, who used cards while selling copy machines in NY City, as a creative way to separate himself from his competitors. Rosler discovered that sending a humorous card helped open doors, allowing him to close more sales… a lot more sales!


When his response rate exceeded 65%, he founded IntroKnocks Corp. in 1992 and became a leading provider of paper cards designed specifically to help business people engage their target audience more effectively.

Today more than ever, because it's not unusual to receive 100 emails a day, this makes getting your messages across even more challenging. How can you tell your story to someone when you don't have their attention?


Sending a hand-written card shows not only that you care, but that you're willing to go the extra distance, showing them they're worth the time it takes to put in the extra effort to do something very few people do. As Steve Jobs would say: "Be Different"!

According to Chief CARDiologist Randy Rosler, "Successful Social Media is a well-balanced blend of traditional and non-traditional marketing." Receiving a hand-written card is so rare today … and so well-received. It immediately gets you attention an email or phone call never could." Unlike emails, these cards get noticed, opened and read almost 100% of the time!

Using humor and creativity, designed by sales salespeople for sales people, the cards on are geared for the entire sales cycle, to help salespeople get their prospect's attention, schedule a meeting, tactfully follow-up, and thank them for their time and their business. Let's face it, as business people, we're all selling something and we need tools to help us stand out and communicate effectively.


As a Greeting CARDiologist, Randy has helped dozens of companies and thousands of salespeople communicate more effectively and ultimately increase sales.